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If you fly to Austria you need a fiscal representative for the Air Transport Levy

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> You are an airline/aircraft operator flying to and from airports in Austria (LOWW/VIE, LOWS/SZG, LOWG/GRZ, LOWL/LNZ, LOWI/INN; LOWK/KLU)?

> You carry passengers other than crew, airline staff or student pilots and over 2 years old?

> Your aircraft’s MTOM (maximum takeoff mass) is more than 2000kg?

If your answer to all above questions is “yes” you are obliged to pay the Austrian Air Transport Levy for every passenger departing from an Austrian airport. 

There is a federal law in force in Austria (“Air Transport Levy Act”) which requires all aircraft operators and airlines to pay the so-called “Austrian Air Transport Levy” for each carried passenger to the Austrian ministry of finance via the relevant Austrian tax office.
It ranges from EUR 3,50 (Short haul) to EUR 17,50 (Long haul destinations).
Transit passengers, infants and positioning crew are exempted from this levy.

Foreign aircraft operators/airlines not residing within the European Union are not allowed to calculate, charge and pay the tax by themselves but have to do so via an Austrian fiscal representative ( §8 air transport levy act ). For airlines residing within the European Union it is possible to handle the levy by themselves, but due to language barriers highly recommended to employ a fiscal representative nonetheless as all forms and reporting tools online are in German language only.

Our company offers such services at reasonable expense! Flat fees available for every month in which departures from an Austrian airport took place.
If there was no such flight there is no payment obligation!

Information about the law (in German) can be found here:

The English translation has not been updated yet, the main change to the original German version is that the tax has been reduced by 50% to EUR 3,50 for short range, EUR 7,50 medium range and EUR 17,50 for long range passengers, find the currently valid tariff in §5 of the above mentioned levy act in German language.

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